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Am I cancer free?

only time will tell!

Ablation on left kidney done ( almost typed right, but there ain’t one there anymore!) for the record, I do NOT EVER want to do that again! 10 days of fever, cultures, 2 antibiotics, I still feel like I got run over by a train! I stay exhausted all the time!

And people tell me I look good!.? Really?

I do realize that for a cancer patient, I h ave had it easy. But, I still have had cancer and I am tired! Mine was the ” no chemo, freeze it or yank it” kind. I still have to have regular scans, blood tests to make sure my kidney is working ok ( or it goes bye bye too! 😢). So far, so good – except I drink gobs of water and pee all the time! Then the Dr’s. Say drink more water…I may have to give up sleeping! But, I should be glowing in the dark by then, so I can read all night!



Waiting again!

I know I have neglected the blog…went back to work, and, boy!, am I tired all the time.

Incision is healed but I still have some swelling. I have been told to drink more water…really? Apparently, the more you drink, the more your kidney(s) work…or in my case, kidney.

Speaking of that, I am scheduled to have my ablation July 1st. That is when they will insert probes into the mass in my left kidney, shoot it full of gas to freeze it, thaw it out, and re-freeze it, which is supposed to kill the cancer cells. Cool, huh? This is done by a radiologist ( he is so nice!), and requires an overnight stay in Newton Medical. Then I take it easy until Monday, when I go back to work. Sounds like fun, huh? Not!

everybody tells me how good I look and I don’t look sick, blah, blah, blah! The thing is, I am sick…I do have cancer! Just because I have hair, no chemo, no radiation doesn’t mean that I don’t feel bad. I get so tired and my patience is going, going, gone!

so, please keep praying! The battle continues! Sorry for venting…but I needed to!

Back to Work!

Dr. Appt. this afternoon. And I got the go ahead to return to work on Tuesday! Yay!!!!

i still have to get the left kidney’s mass taken care of, and that is in process…

i am being referred to a nephrologist here in town to have an ablation. This is outpatient so I will only miss a couple of days for that. Then cat scans every 4 months first year, and every 6 months after that for the next 5 years. Of course, this all depends on how big that mass is and if it is still encapsulated. So, please pray that it’s not spread! I know that our plans don’t always turn out the way we anticipate…so, I am a bit anxious!

Dr. Visit #2 this week

was supposed to be my post surgery follow up. Well, because of my infected incision, it turned into “let Dr. Futral pop open the infected spot and insert gauze drain that has to be changed twice a day” (lucky Amanda) day. He thinks this is going to take care of the problem, and I keep taking the Keflex. If it’s not better next week, I get to go back to see him and probably go get IV antibiotics! Doesn’t that sound fun! (NOT)!

as for the other mass, when I go back in 3 weeks, we will schedule that here in Covington, hopefully outpatient. Apparently they do it at Newton, and not Rockdale, and there is a fairly new Dr. in town that does the ablations, and has good results. Of course, there is always a risk…not what I like to hear! Hope he has a steady hand!

He wants me to be a bit stronger before that happens. The infection is a small set back, so I am still housebound somewhat. No driving for me yet.😢

Dr. Visit today

So, this morning, Amanda took me to see th PA (Dr. F was in surgery for the day). Good news…staples are gone! Bad news…my incision is infected…really? Really! So, I guess that explains why I felt like yuck! So, I lost the staples, and got a new bandage and antibiotics. Back to bed since I am exhausted after being gone…and all I did was sit in the van during Amanda’s stops after my appointment. I guarantee…I do not like this being house bound!

I get to go back to Dr.s office Thursday, which is my original 2 week post op appointment. I couldn’t have done this without my baby girl!

Just so grateful for Amanda!

It’s been 1 week…

and I am a lot more sober than I was last Wednesday! So, if you came to the hospital and saw me and Amanda, I thank you from the bottom of my heart…please disregard any thing I may have said or posted before I was really awake! I was on drugs!!! …REALLY! And, I had to ask Amanda about it! I do not remember a thing!

morphine gives me strange dreams. I just learned that!

this week has been long, boring, sleeping a lot. No real pain, but just some discomfort. The mass had grown, and it was malignant. So, we are well rid of that kidney!

Dr. Next Thursday, then on to whatever is next!

meanwhile, I think it may be nap time!

Tomorrow is the big day

I have to be at Rockdale at 5:30…yes, a.m. So, I guess getting up at 4 a.m. Isn’t so bad since I probably will nap most of the day!

just please pray!

Amanda will post on FB when surgery is over.